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Money Manifestation Meditation

Today we're gonna focus on money. Most people are interested in more money or making more money. Or the effects of money in their life and how they can manifest more.

You can either read this and repeat it in your current meditation, or you can check out our You Tube Channel and listen to this meditation. So lets get started on a money meditation,

I'll get you to sit up straight and, close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

You want to get into a state of calm, take another deep breath and ground your feet to the earth.

Bring the energy up from the earth, from your feet.

Past your knees.

Your abdomen, into your chest. And your head

Ground to the universe through your head. Come through your head. Bring the energy down, down, past your stomach, down to your feet. Now you're connected both to the earth, mother earth, and to the universe.

Just think about money for a while.

Are you open to receive money?

Open yourself up a bit to receive money

and breathe deep.

Bring your being. Just outside of you.

And stretch it.

Expand it.

Expand it past, past your town.

Expand it out.

Feel the energy, expand out past your country you live in. Getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Around the world, around the world, 360 degrees, up, down to the ground, up to the top, up to the universe, open up to the, the gifts of the universe. Think about money. All the money in the world, all the money in your country, all the money in your, your, uh, vicinity, all the money in the country beside you. So I'm in North America, so I'm looking at all of North America and, and all the money in South America, spreading it over to. For all the money in Europe, in Asia, in Australia and all the other countries, just visualize all this money. I mean, the universe is abundant with money. There is an abundance everywhere of money. The money is there. The money, and the universe wants you to have it. You just need to be open to have it open to receive it, open for it to come in.

So let's bring that money that.

Think about that flow.

Money flowing to you on a river or, or however it flows to you,

It's flowing in Abundance, is flowing in the abundance of money. It's flowing into you, flowing into your, your being here. Bring your being here and, and right out in front of you. It's flowing right into here.

Money, more money, more money than you can imagine is coming your way. It's flowing and flowing and flowing. Bringing it in from the universe, from all the world, from all the different countries, bringing in the money. Money that's flowing to you. Flowing to you with ease. With ease and joy. It's easy. It's easy to receive money.

It's easy to bring the money in. Think of that, but the money is flowing in with ease. Such a wonderful ease, and then you have it here in front of you. Now open your heart to receive it. Take a deep breath and open your heart. Expand your heart. Bring the money in, into your being and, and flowing out to the universe.

Money's a flow, a nice, easy, even flow. Money coming to you in this nice, easy flow, bringing it into your heart, gathering it up into your heart.

And out gathering money up, bringing it in and flow. The flow comes to you and, and flowing back out, flowing out your world here where you want? Do I need to go to and it's. Comes in, money comes in with ease, and the money flows out with ease. Money comes in with ease and out with ease. Think of that money, all that money.

Just sit with that energy, that energy of knowing, knowing that you are looked after with your money. You have a lot of money, you have money that, that a surplus of money, money that you can share and create wonderful things. Positive things, things that create more light, more. , what would you like to create with your money?

Think about where that money is going. It needs to go someplace that you need to, to have a plan. Have a plan for your money. You know, you bring it in and you have a plan. Where would you like it to go? What would you like to do with it? What's important to you? Where in the world do you want to expand to spread your.

Just sit with that.

Feel it like you have it and you've gotta make those choices.

Now, those decisions, what are those decisions you want to make?

What are they?

What is important to you?

Have a plan for your money. Money comes in, but you need a plan. A plan for where to put it, what to do with it, how to create more.

Mine is to create more positive energy, more light. Bring more. serve more people to make more people understand the abundance. The universe has to inspire other people to transform people, to bring positive energy to enhance others' lives so they can have the power and know the power. So that is where I wish to put my money and have a plan.

Think about your plan and where you wanna put it. Do some work around that after and, and write it out and, and get a plan. And then focus on bringing money in. Have a meditation in and bring money in. Have it flowing to you because you have a plan for it. Now you have a plan for a bigger you. A bigger world.

Bigger, bigger life.

It feels good. Okay, so when you're ready,

open your eyes

and be grateful. Grateful for the money falling to you and the abundant universe.

Focus on it throughout your day.

Okay, and thank you. Thank you for joining me today and on my manifestation meditation. It's been great to have you here and work together with you, and I hope you enjoy your day.

You can watch this in a live video on YouTube and subscribe to our channel below:

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