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Word of Wisdom: Feminine

Feminine card represents nurturing, receptivity, and the embodiment of the feminine energy. It suggests that the querent should embrace their feminine energy and allow themselves to be receptive and nurturing.

This card encourages the querent to tap into their feminine qualities, such as intuition, compassion, and grace, and to allow these qualities to guide them.

The feminine card also symbolizes balance, unity, and the power of the feminine. Embrace your feminine energy, trust your intuition, and allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for.

I chose this card because as a single mother and career woman I had to learn to put my feminine side on the back burner and bring my masculine side to the front. I often said

"It was easy being a mother, I just put one foot in front of the other,

it came natural.

Being a father is hard work, it's so foreign to me."

I set about changing my priorities from nurturing caregiver to provider.

Switching Energy from Feminine to Masculine

  • Love to Strength

  • Nurturing to Protecting

  • Connection to Assertiveness

  • Feeling Thinking to Logical Thinking

  • Creativity to Decisive

  • Emotional to Rational

  • Being to Doing

  • Passive to Active

  • Relationship Orientated to Task Orientated

  • Listening to Talking

  • Freedom to Structure

I remember the relief I felt when my last child completed university. I thought ok now its time to get back to me. My job of providing for my family is done. I can let go of that masculine part of me and re-connect with my feminine side.

Where do I start? It's been so long I barely remember what it was like living in my feminine energy. My feminine energy was blocked.

15 Signs Feminine Energy Could be Blocked:

  1. Overly analitical, more logicial less intuition

  2. Your disconnected to your creativity

  3. It's hard for you to express love

  4. You suppress your emotions

  5. You are overly critical of yourself, judgemental

  6. You think you can control your life

  7. You lack joy

  8. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed with stress

  9. You are super independent

  10. You can do it all yourself, there has never been anyone there to help

  11. Self care and pampering is a waste of time

  12. You think life is a struggle always having to prove yourself

  13. You are disconnected from yourself, your emotions, from others and nature

  14. You think beauty is shallow

  15. You respect masculine energy more then feminine

I am sure if I received this feminine card at the time my energy was very blocked I would have thought. What the heck does that mean? I was very disconnected and out of balance with my feminine energy. So now what? How do I get back into balance?

7 Ways to Balance Your Feminine Energy:

  1. Self evaluate: Read about feminine energy. Tap into your feminine energy and look for your blocks.

  2. Ask for Help: Ask a close friend or family member where they think your blocks are. There are many places that offer guidance, self help groups, healing and awareness groups. Read books, search the internet, ask questions be unstoppable in your quest to open up to the wonders of your feminine energy.

  3. Journal: Write about your feminine energies, recognize them, where are you blocked. It is important to take the time to grieve the years you lost with your feminine energy.

  4. Unblock Energies: Make a note of the energies you are able to work on at this time. Some of them you may need to hang onto for awhile, tuck those away for when you are able to work on them. Focus on the ones you can change now.

  5. Spend Time in Nature: Connect with the feminine energy of the Earth and the Moon. Both are very healing and can help bring you back into balance.

  6. Celebrate: Celebrate your feminine energy, welcome it back, dance, sing, praise it and promise to not let it go again.

  7. Share your Joy: Connect with other women, sharing your journey with them, hearing their journeys and increase the universal feminine energy.

Be Gentle and Strong, Delicate and Fierce

Wendy's Words....It has been my pleasure writing this blog for you. It's been a gentle reminder for me to re-evaluate where I am at with my feminine energy. Now that I have retired energies have shifted. Time to self-evaluate again, tap into the feminine and see where it will guide me back into balance.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you are interested in reading more like this subscribe to our website . We are now on Facebook and Pinterest.

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