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Words of Wisdom: Allowing

Affirmation: I am allowing all I desire to come into my life with grace and ease.

Allowing card represents trust, surrender, and letting go of control. Surrender your need for control and trust in the universe to bring you what they need. This card encourages you to let go of resistance, and allow life to unfold in its own way. The allowing card also symbolizes flow, ease, and the power of going with the flow. Let go of worries and expectations, and trust in the journey ahead.

Wendy's words....I chose this card because allowing has been coming up in my life lately. As a child I recall saying many times "I'm not allowed to do that or not allowed to do what I want". There seemed to be so many things my parents said, or the school system said that I wasn't allowed to do.

As an adult I no longer had my parents or the school system telling me what I was or wasn't allowed to do. Then why was I still not allowing myself to do the things I wanted to do? I did what the thought I was allowed to do as a wife, a mother, as an adult.

It seems like there were many things that were still implanted in me that I wasn't allowed or allowing myself to do. I only allowed myself to live the rules I had implanted in me from my past. In some ways it was easy, you know the rules, you put one foot in front of the other, you don't think just do.

Recently I have acknowledged it was me that wasn't allowing me to do the things I wanted to do. I guess I still continued to think I wasn't allowed. It was an eye opener for sure. I was living by some outdated rules that no longer apply, that no longer made sense, that no longer fit. It kept me stuck, stuck in a life that didn't work for me anymore. No matter how hard I tried it just didn't work. I recalled being told once, "When it is harder to stay the same than change, you will change."


For me the time to change is now. At 65 years of age it is my time, I am allowing me to choose what I want my life to look like, to let go of all the old stuff and create a new way. I am at my age of allowing and it feels right, scary at times but right.

After so many years of not allowing myself to do the things I wanted to do or be the person I wanted to be it's a bit scary. As difficult as it may be, I am not allowing fear to stop me from choosing to change my life. I am allowing me to make choices that are based on what is best for me.

My journey has began. I am trusting the universe to be there for me and I surrender to it's magic, I am letting go and allowing the universe to co-create with me with ease my best life ever.

If this card is for you I wish you well on your new and wonderful journey of allowing. Know that the universe wants the best for you, it has been waiting for your to want that too. May you experience ease and laughter and find your joy along the way.

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