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Words of Wisdom: Receptive

Affirmation: I am ready to receive the Devine Guidance.

Receptive card represents openness, flexibility, and receiving. Approach life with an open mind and heart, and be willing to receive the gifts and opportunities that come your way. This card encourages you to be receptive to new ideas and experiences, and to let go of rigid expectations. The receptive card also symbolizes trust, surrender, and the power of allowing. Be open to new possibilities, trust the journey, and embrace the unknown with grace.

I chose this card for you because I remember the first time I bumped into the word Open. It was around 20 years ago. I found a business card that basically said change your beliefs change your life and a phone number. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I called the number and made an appointment.

The short version of the procedure was to take a word and switch it from a negative word to a positive word. The negative word I received was "Closed" and through a process we switched it in the brain to "Open".

Part of the process was to come up with a real time when I was Open, this was a problem for me. I could not come up with a time in my life when I was open. Somewhere along the line I had closed myself off to being open to receiving and being flexible and open to new experiences, choices, possibilities. Wow a real eye opener.

Can you feel the different energy from the Closed sign above and the Open sign? The closed sign shuts down the energy and the open sign uplifts the energy. Very powerful isn't it?

Many times throughout the years when things weren't working out I looked at where I was not being open to receive or where I had closed myself off to receiving? Once I became open to receiving I started to receive more and more and the gifts of the universe would come to me with ease.

If this card is for you look to see where you have closed yourself off and where can you open up to more receiving, how can you be more flexible to receive? Try asking yourself where have I closed myself off? Where can I receive more? Where can I be more open? Where can I be more flexible? And open yourself up to the wonderful world of being receptive.

The universe wants to give to you, your job is to be open to receive from the universe.

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