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Sharing our Inspirational life tips for personal growth & wisdom for living a fulfilled life



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Nice to Meet You

Welcome to our living a fulfilled life blog, created by Wendy and Ashlee. We are a mother and daughter who have come together to share our tips for personal growth, creating more mindfulness and to live a fulfilled life.

We also have created a store where we use Wendy's artwork to create beautiful inspiring clothing, and accessories.


 Please reach out and engage. We are happy to hear from you, as well.


After selling a family business in 2021, Wendy retired a bit earlier then expected.  This triggered a need to share her wisdom with the world. 

  She is very grateful for that decision as it opened up an opportunity to work with her  daughter Ashlee and granddaughters.

She is also the artist behind the artwork in our store. 

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Ashlee is a 15-year professional supply chain specialist who has worked for mining and oil and gas companies. She has owned and operated several businesses from construction companies, green energy companies and most recently a teacher and developer of inspiring books and courses. Ashlee brings knowledge of the corporate world and living the law of attraction.

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