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Mindfully Living Your Best Life

When I turned 65 I made the commitment to myself to live my best life. Since then I have been on a wonderful journey of mindfullness, learning, experimenting and discovering exactly what living my best life means to me.

Mindfullness did not come easy for me.

Throughout my school years the main theme on my report cards was, Wendy would do so much better if she didn't day dream. I had to get out of my head and into my life.

Day dreaming is not being mindful, it takes you on a wild goose chase of either living in the past or the future. Getting caught up in our thoughts keeps us stuck and stops us from moving forward and living in the now.

Mindfulness is the practice of separating yourself your thoughts and focusing on right here right now. It is about acknowledging your thoughts but not getting caught up in the negativity and judging them. It's about being fully present in what is happening now, not the past or the future. The power is in the now.

Live your best life - 8 ways to practice mindfulness:

  1. Concentrate on the task at hand: An example is, when you are driving, focus on driving, if your mind wanders bring it back to driving. Do not go off on a day dream. Control your thoughts stay in the moment.

  2. Practice mindfulness in your routines and activities: When doing your every day routines try to be fully present and aware of your actions. Creating awareness of these simple daily tasks is a great way to practice mindfulness.

  3. Focus on a project: My painting is a great example of being focused on the task at hand. I am focused on my painting, it's just me and the canvas, when my mind wanders and it does I bring it right back to the canvas.

  4. Practice yoga: Yoga or stretching are great ways to focus on mindfulness. The act of stretching, holding and counting are all ways to bring your awarenes to your body, to the moment.

  5. Observe yourself: Be aware of who you are right now as you move through each moment. What are your values, your strengths, your actions, get to know you. So often we can create an identity of ourselves from our thoughts or emotions.

  6. Practice affirmations. I believe in the effectiveness of affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that you repeat to yourself either verbally saying them or writing them. Using affirmations will build a belief in your abilities, they keep your focus towards your goals. Repeat affirmations with conviction, feeling the emotions behind them.

  7. Meditation or breath work: Daily meditation is a very good practice of bringing your attention to your breath and to increase your mindfullness. Feel the air fill your body, hold it and slowly let it go, do it again. When you find your mind wondering take a deep breath, bring your focus back to your breath. Taking a deep breath will always bring you back to yourself.

  8. Practice mindfulness while walking: Walking meditation is a combination of walking and breathing. Breathe in, take 2 or 3 steps whichever is comfortable, hold for 2 steps breathe out taking up to 5 steps. Do what is comfortable for you, the main thing is that you are focusing on your breath as you walk.

  9. Walk a labyrinth: A labyrinth is used for a walking meditation, it is a meandering path leading to the center of a circle. Set an intention or as a question and slowly walk the labyrinth quieting your mind so you may be more open to receive calmness, spiritual answers or guidance.

A labyrinth walking meditation can:

Bringing insight about life

Be an active form of prayer

Releases anxieties and stress

Quiet the mind

Bring about balance

Self reflection

The power to create a better life is in the now. Mindfulness can help you live your best life by helping to keep you focused on now rather than the past and the future. It brings your focus to the present moment so you are able to deal with what is in front of you.

Here are 5 ways mindfulness can help you live your best life:

  1. Mindfulness helps reduce stress: By focusing on the present moment and letting go of negative thoughts, mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety. You have power in the now, you can take action in the now.

  2. Mindfulness can improve mental health: Mindfulness can reduce anxiety and depression, because you are functioning in the now, making decisions and choices in the now.

  3. Mindfulness helps improve relationships: Be present and aware in your interactions with others. When you bump into an issue in your relatinships deal with it now. This can build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

  4. Mindfulness helps you make better decisions: When you are present and aware, your more likely to make decisions that align with your values and goals.

  5. Mindfulness helps you to be more productive and focused: Train your mind to stay focused on the task at hand. If your mind wanders to other tasks bring it back to your breath and what is in front of you now. You will be more productive and efficient in your daily activities

Do you want to life your best life? Start practicing and experiencing mindfulness in your daily life. Mindfulness is a journey. It won't happen instantly, mindfulness is a process of consistent effort and a positive mindset.

Start Believing, there is great power in mindfulness. Embrace it.

Wendy's words for you......It was my pleasure to write this blog for you. I hope you have been enjoying my blogs. Follow our website for more blogs like this one or send me a comment on something you would like me to write about.

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Brenda Barker
Brenda Barker
22 févr. 2023

I think one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other is our undivided attention


I agree that Mindfulness is great for a person's wellness. ( Day Dreaming in school happens as it has happened to me and many others due to the lack of creative stimulation and an overly restrictive environment to be oneself. Thus the education systems should introduce mindfulness times for students and staff which would create an Empowering Learning Environment.) When I worked at the Adolescent Day Treatment Mental Health Program for youth 12 to 18 the students and 3 staff including me did one hour of yoga in the morning. I did this for 6 years of my 7 years working there. We use to take Mindful Walks too. I love walking a labyrinth and I will have to look…

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