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The Inspiration behind Hummingbird and Owl

People have been asking “Why did you choose Hummingbird and Owl for your website and logo.” They seem to find it a strange combination of birds to use together as a representation of what we are working towards. I tell them quite the contrary. Ashlee and I asked ourselves “what did we want to create with our website and our content?” How did we want to transform the lives of our audience? We looked at the wonderful world of nature and settled on these two unique birds. Let’s look at the spiritual meanings of these very spiritual birds.

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a real beauty, a true joy to see flitting around, a messenger of hope, joy, love and good luck. The hummingbird operates at a high vibration and is able to stop in mid air reminding us to stop, become still and feel the connectedness to Spirit. The hummingbird is little bundle of happiness living and appreciating the present moment. Be still, be more present, put your focus on the present moment and your energy will grow.

Hummingbirds are positive, graceful little birds moving in the world lifting up negative energy. Playfully creating joy in their world and looking for the next wonderful adventure. Inspiring others to enjoy their sweetness to stop and discover the wonders of nature.

In some Native cultures, hummingbirds are seen as healers, helping others heal and move forward.

The Owl

The owl is a majestic bird solid in its stance, an all seeing observant and listener. They are visionaries, all seeing, symbolizing a deep connection to our higher self. The watchful eye of the owl has accumulated volumes of wisdom and insight into the ever changing world.

They are symbolic of change and transformation. The owl has been said be a good omen and is able to dispel negative energies, bringing about abundance mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. They protect us spiritually, encouraging us to look at ourselves and release limiting beliefs.

The Blend

What was the message we wanted to send out to the world? Like the hummingbird we wanted to give people hope to raise their vibration to live in the moment finding love, joy, happiness, a real connection to themselves, to spirit and the universe. To send the message focus on being positive and it will increase the positive energy in your life. Healing and inspiring others to find their joy and live their best life.

We wanted to share our insight and wisdom from our life experience to evoke change in transformation in others. Our goal was to encourage others to let go of negative energy allowing them experience a higher level of abundance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our desire is to combine power and energy of these two beautiful birds to help you live the life of your dreams.

Wendy’s words to you....

Wow this blog has been a true pleasure to write for you. I hope you feel inspired to follow us on our path on this amazing journey. I encourage you to join us on this adventure into the world of exciting positive growth, change and transformation.

I hope I have painted a clear picture of the connection between these two exceptional birds and the inspiration, motivation, life changing transformation we hope to make in your life, in your families lives, in your friends lives and the lives of all people. Joyfully shining more light and love into your world.

Please join us at for more inspiring blogs. Watch for updates on our online courses starting in March. What did you think of this blog, please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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Brenda Barker
Brenda Barker
Jan 21, 2023

wishing you both all the best and great success with Hummingbird and Owl!

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