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Welcome to creating the best vison board ever. This practical easy to follow vision board process that only has five steps. The first step is to set up your vison board, the second is to look at long and short term dreams, the third is to make your vision board and post it where you can see it, the fourth is to is to set a series of tasks for the year ahead and the last is to spend as little as 5 minutes a day focusing on your dreams. That is right 5 minutes a day to day dream and to create the best year of your life. This structured as a journal to keep you on track. The simple and easy layout is designed to support your daily practice with ease. Inside you will find the phases outlined in easy to follow steps that can be completed right in this book. This process was developed by me. I have used this process to double my income year over year for 4 four years in a row. I bought my first house using this method. In one year I was able to attract my dream relationship and get married, move into my dream home, drive my dream car, travel to the most exotic destinations, work less than four hours a week and make more money than I ever had before. ALL in the same year. These were all the things on my vision board that I created for that year. I did this by using this method to focus for 5 minutes every day.

In Love and Light

30 Day Vision Board Builder

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