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Affirmations: Living a More Intentional Life

Are you looking to live a more intentional life? Are you looking for more time and energy to do the things you really want to do? Do you find you go through the day as if on auto pilot? Do you want to have more time to spend with friends and family? Are you making every day count? Do you wonder why other people are succeeding and you are not? If so it may be time to start living a more intentional life.

Here are 50 affirmations you can focus on to live a more intentional life:

1) I accept myself exactly as I am, I know and I like my interests, my desires, my likes and my dislikes.

2) I accept myself exactly the way I am and I accept others the way they are.

3) I willingly release judgement of myself and others.

4) My wisdom comes from learning about myself.

5) Each evening I write a Daily To-do list for the next day. Crossing off the projects and goals I have completed gives me a feeling of satisfaction and confidence I can get things done.

6) I am organized and schedule my day so I have time in my day to complete the things I intended to do.

7) I have plenty of time to spend with my family and friends.

8) I honor what I want by setting short term and long term goals.

9) I set goals that are meaningful and important to me.

10) I see my future and I work towards it every day.

11) It is easy for me to finish the things I need to in a day.

12) I acknowledge my progress with my goals daily and celebrate myself when I have completed one.

13) The more I learn the more I expand my potential.

14) I am doing great things.

15) I feel myself getting closer to my goals every day.

16) I move forward with my goals with ease.

17) I strive to improve my life every day, living my life with intention.

18) I am aligned with my thoughts, words and actions.

19) I take time each day to pursue the things I am passionate about.

20) When I notice I am off track I adjust myself and get aligned.

21) Mindfulness keeps me focused and on track.

22) Setting boundaries protects my time and energy so I am able to complete my tasks on time.

23) I am balanced with my work, family, play and rest.

24) Each day I do my best to improve myself and my situation.

25) I practise mindfulness, with meditation and breathing.

26) I live in the now, focusing on what is in front of me now.

27) I enjoy my life and take time to appreciate the small and big things.

28) I practise gratitude recognizing the good all around me and in the world.

29) Being grateful helps me to stay positive and motivated, I like it, I like it a lot.

30) I am blessed and count each blessing with gratitude.

31) I show heartfelt appreciation to myself, to others and the universe.

32) I improve my life and my interests by expanding my knowledge.

33) I read up on topics that interest me and seek out people I can learn from.

34) I love to connect with like minded people.

35) I learn from other people’s advice and criticism.

36) I enjoy people that have the same mindset as I do, I love to listen and learn from them.

37) I feel the fear, acknowledge it, yes it is there, and I do it anyway.

38) I take care of my health by eating healthy food, drinking lots of water and exercising

39) I consciously treat others the way I would like to be treated.

40) I focus on making a positive difference in my life and those around me.

41) I look for new opportunities and welcome them with openness and enthusiasm.

42) I manifest amazing opportunities in my business and personal life, thank you.

43) I welcome new experiences with excitement and joy.

44) I appreciate all the support I have in my life.

45) I know my body needs rest so I take the time to rest and rejuvenate when I need to.

46) I learn from my failures and experiences. I focus on the learning not the failure.

47) When I am wrong I accept responsibility and learn from it.

48) I let go of judgement, accepting myself and others as they are.

49) Every action I take leads me to my purpose.

50) I am capable; I can find solutions and solve problems.

Wendy’s words.....

Affirmations work. Write them down, post them where you can see them or take time each morning to say them out loud. Make them a part of your daily routine. For more blogs similar to this please check out my website and join us for more inspiration to live your best life.

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