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What is an Affirmation? How does it Work

I am a strong advocate for affirmations. I have watched how powerfully they work in my life over and over again. I have seen the positive effect they have on others. Affirmations have the ability to raise your vibration and keep it there allowing your life to transform into the one you desire. They are able to create a positive shift, directing your thoughts and actions towards a more positive energy. I use them and I have taught hundreds of others to use them to produce positive and lasting changes in their lives. Affirmations give you the ability to start at ground zero and work yourself up to reaching your highest potential.

Understanding affirmations:

What are Affirmations? Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that you repeat to yourself in order to reprogram your mind and shift your focus towards your goals and desires. Saying affirmations, writing affirmations, posting affirmations on your mirror or wall are all ways to work with affirmations.

Creating affirmations: Write down your wants, desires, goals. Write out your affirmation like you are already experiencing the desired result. Using I am _______________ (fill in the blank) statements are a great way to create an affirmation in the present moment.

Build Your Affirmations Up. Building your affirmation makes it a stronger statement. I am living my best life. I am living my best life today. I am living my best life today with love and ease. I love living my best life. I am excited I get to live my best life today. I look for opportunities to live my best life.

How to Make Them Work Effectively:

Amplify Your Affirmation: It's important to feel the emotions behind the affirmations in order for them to be effective. When we feel the emotions behind the affirmations, it activates the part of our brain responsible for emotions. This helps to reinforce the affirmations and make them more powerful. It is important to feel the feelings as if you are actually living the life you desire.

Be Your Best Cheer Leader: By actively repeating affirmations with conviction and feeling the emotions behind them, you can start to believe in their power and transform your life. Fully express yourself. Put positive, exciting energy behind each word. Make them into a song. These are your goals, your desires, your wants, you really, really want them. You can do it. Cheer yourself on.

Put Them Together With Other Positive Actions: Sing them, say them while you are dancing, say them out loud when you are going for a power walk, or in the car driving. Create excitement around your affirmation. After each affirmation add a sentence adding reinforcement. The more energy and excitement you can create around your affirmation, the more powerful it becomes.

I am living my best life today. Yes I am and it feels great. (hand pump) I like it I really like it.

Positively Rewiring Your Brain: When we repeat affirmations, we're essentially rewiring our brains to believe in the statement. This is because the brain is constantly trying to make sense of the information it receives. When we repeat affirmations, we're providing the brain with new information that it starts to incorporate into our beliefs and mindset.

Pick a Regular Time: First thing in the morning is a good time to do affirmations. If your home is busy in the morning, try setting your alarm so you can get up half an hour earlier. Write your affirmations written. Grab your coffee or tea and read your affirmations aloud with enthusiasm. Doing this regularly, combining it with another regular habit like drinking your regular coffee or tea in the morning, will make your affirmation practice more effective and develop a connection. Remember, Morning, coffee, affirmation, repeat.

Be Patient: It's important to choose affirmations that resonate with you and align with your goals and values.

Repeat them daily with conviction and feeling, and be patient – it takes time for affirmations to become implanted into your brain and become a part of your belief system.

Be consistent, have a positive mindset, and you will start to see the

power of your affirmations and the positive changes they can bring into your life.

Wendy’s words for you…It has been my pleasure to write this blog for you. I love creating and practicing affirmations. The shift in my mindset is so positive and I see the wonderful vibrant woman I really am. I encourage you to establish a regular affirmation routine as well as incorporate affirmations into other healthy habits you already do. Repeating affirmations while you are doing physical exercise is a very effective way to get results.

Keep at it, if you find you have let your affirmation habit lapse, restart, it’s that easy, you can reboot yourself any time or any place. And best of all affirmations are Free!!

For more information on the effectiveness of affirmations, my daughter Ashlee and I will be launching an online course on How to Transform Your Life in March. Join our website to keep updated on the exact times. Leave me a message on what you thought of this blog, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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