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Blue Moon~Super Moon

An exciting full moon is coming up August 30. What is different about this full moon compared to others? Not only is it a blue moon which means it is the second full moon this month, it is a super moon, meaning it's closer to the earth so it will look larger than normal. We haven't had one of these moons since 2009 and won't have another until 2032.

I am a Scorpio and I am very connected to the cycle of the moon. This full moon is in the sign of Pisces, a fellow water sign. Water is about emotions, the power of the movement of water to cleanse away stuck emotions. Have you been holding on to any emotions, from the past or present, this would be a good time to open yourself up to let them go. Maybe bring in the element of water and allow it's cleansing presence to wash them away.

My daughter and I went down to the river with my granddaughter yesterday and did a letting go practice using water that I find very useful. We collected some leaves from the nearby trees and on each leaf we wrote a word we were ready to let go of. We used single words like blame, guilt, sadness, stuckness, judgment.

The added gift we received this time was Emilie, my 5 year old granddaughter asked the simple question, what does that word mean each time we released a word into the moving water. Not only did we release the word we were very clear on the meaning of the word. It was so powerful.

I am very grateful for the innocence of my granddaughter and her huge contribution to our letting go process. We were able to use the power of this up and coming blue, super moon for a beautiful 3 generational release.

One of the unique aspects of this blue super moon is the energy of making things visible that were hidden. This would be a great time to ask for clarity on an issue or issues you have been unclear on. The power of the full moon is available to you for the days leading up to August 30 and the days after it. Start the process of asking for things that are hidden to become visible prior to the full moon. See how your questions evolve, did you get some clarity?

Continue to ask the universe what else about this can I get clarity on? What have I been avoiding looking at about myself or this issue? Ask for clarity on any hidden issues, the universe and the full moon want you to have more clarity.

There is a lot of information available to you during this blue super moon. Be open to it, ask the universe for any information that is available to you at this time. Sleep on it, this is a powerful time for your dream life to be active, bringing you clarity. You may be more apt to remember dreams or to have dreams of loved ones that have passed. Are you looking for a connection to someone that has passed on, use this full moon energy to ask for them to visit you before you go to sleep. Keep a pen and paper by your bed so you can write down anything that comes up during the night.

The August full blue super moon is a time of clearing. What issues would you like to have come up for you enabling you to clear them. You will be more aware of any physiological, spiritual, mental, or emotional issues you may have. The full moon energy would like to help you resolve and release them.

Spend some time out in the full moon letting go and and releasing. Let it all go. I have often used the full moon energy to release myself of limiting beliefs and judgments. If you need help with clearing seek out assistance from the many modalities available to aide you in your transformation.

This moon may bring up an awareness of when or where you have been a victim and where you are continuing to live this victim reality. You can use the energy of this full moon to shift from a victim mentality to one of being empowered.

To shift this and make a different choice try this simple exercise:

  • Yes I have been a victim and yes I have acted as a victim

  • All the time I allowed myself to be or act as a victim I let it go, it is not for me.

  • I am free to be empowered, I choose to be empowered.

  • I choose to live an empowered life for now and all eternity.

  • I am a person that is empowered and I like it I like it, I like it a lot.

Feel your energy shift? That is empowerment, it is a shift out of being a victim into being empowered. It is that energy you want to choose to live each and every day for now and always.

You can do this technique with many energies. When you are feeling a negative energy or thought, think of a word that describes the thought or energy, now think of a word that is opposite of that thought or energy, the positive of it. Where I used the word victim, replace it with your negative thought, and where I used the word empowered, substitute it for the positive opposite word. This is a very powerful practice to use when you are looking to create more positivity in your life.

The energy of this full, blue, super moon great for manifesting what you desire. Is there something you have been wanting to manifest and it hasn't happened? The energy available now will help you clear out any interference that has been in the way of you manifesting what you desire. It is important to ask for what you want to manifest in your life to also actualize in your life.

The difference between manifesting and actualizing is:

  • When you manifest something, it will appear.

  • Say you want to new blue car, you ask to manifest a blue car and all of a sudden you start seeing blue cars everywhere. You have manifested a blue car.

  • When you actualize a blue car. You ask, what would it take to manifest a new blue car and have it actually appear for me? This is the way to actualize a new blue car for you.

Note that things do not necessary manifest the way you think they will or when you want them to. They will manifest in their own way and their own time. It is important to to ask the universe for what you desire and ask for it to materialize in your life and then let it go, let the universe do it's wonderful magic.

Wendy's words: I invite you to experiment with this powerful Blue Super Moon energy, see what it can do for you. Ask yourself, how can I use this full moon energy to actualize positive change in my life? What is possible for me to let go of, to release? What is else possible for me to manifest? How can I create more positive change in my life?

As an Access Bars® Practitioner and Facilitator I work with energy all the time. I have used energy to cleanse away the old stuck stuff and create wonderful new things in my life and in my clients lives. I've noticed energy moves easier for me during a full moon and this blue super moon is even more powerful and more effective to release the old and manifest and actualize the new.

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