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Pick a Word....

Feel the difference in these two words.



Can you feel the difference? Can you

feel the different energies of the two words?

One is negative and one is positive. Words have an energy, a vibration.

When I say "closed" my body seems to sag and when I say "open" my body straightens up. Many words we use every day are having this affect on us. You could say yes, but these two words mean different things. Yes they do, although instead of saying "it's closed", you could say it's "not open" or it "opens at ____".

Quite a few years ago I took a course on switching negative words to positive words. It has been very beneficial in many areas of my life, I use the techniques often when I am stuck or have gotten off track. One technique I use is each morning I think of a positive word, write it down and focus on it throughout the day. Simple but effective.

A suggestion I would have is to think about words or phrases you use regularly , write them down, now how can you make it more uplifting by changing a word or two. Practice using the new phrase until it comes natural


It's good to see you - Its great to see you

I like that color on you - that is a great color on you

We had a good time - We had a fantastic time

That was educational - That was inspiring

Using positive words can have the ability to lift up your energy, the more you use them the more uplifting and positive your life can become. Even making simple changes like "Its a good day" compared to "it's a great day" or "it's a wonderful day". Making this simple change can not only uplift the other person but your energy is lifted too.

8 benefits of using positive words:

  1. Increased self-confidence: Positive encouraging words increase feelings of being capable and successful, which increases self-confidence. Increasing your positive word vocabulary can help to grow your self-confidence by knowing you are coming across as a self assured person.

  2. Improved mood: Positive words help to uplift you and the people around you increasing feelings of happiness and joy.

  3. Increased Self-Awareness: Replacing your word for a positive one allows you to become aware of the words you are using and how they make you feel. It gives you an awareness of the power of words.

  4. Increase inspiration: Positive words inspire people to strive to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

  5. Better relationships: Like attracts like, positive attracts positive. Using positive words will attract complimentary people into your life. Your relationships will become more supportive and favorable. People seem to be drawn to a positive person. They like how they feel around them. Your choice of positive words welcomes people to strike up a conversation with you.

  6. More motivation: Uplifting words shows you appreciate people which in turn motivates them to do better and be more productive.

  7. Improved mental health: Switching your word to a higher vibrational word can help reduce the severity of the word. This softening of or raising the vibration of the word can lead to improved mental health.

  8. Improved performance: Positive words help create a respectful, friendly atmosphere increasing work productivity and success.

Choosing to increase your positive words can help you feel more confident, happy and inspired. Positive words help you feel more motivated notice the difference between I will do it compared to I will try to do it.

Using positive words can also help you think more positively, which is beneficial in making positive choices and manifesting positive outcomes. Creating a positive energy in your work environment can result in a better environment for people to work in and creating more success.

Positive words can help you in difficult situations, they can help to reframe negative situations to positive ones. Using encouraging positive words helps to keep you or others going when the going gets tough.

Choosing to incorporate positive words into your vocabulary can result it attracting positive people into your circle of friendships. Positive minded people like to be around other positive people.

We have started a challenge called the happiness challenge. This challenge is focused on picking uplifting words and incorporating those words in your day. Sign up here to join us Happiness Challenge | Hummingbird and Owl.

Wendy's words for you.....It was my pleasure to write this blog for you. I hope it brought you some awareness of how to uplift your words. We all know how it feels when we are around someone that has the knack of using positive descriptive words in their every day conversations. It feels good, right.

Use words that inspire, delight, sparkle and bring joy to the world.

In Gratitude

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