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Creating a vision board that works: Proven method to getting all you desire.

The beginning of the year feels like a clean slate. As we leave 2022 behind and start 2023, I always feel that the ending of one year is a chance to start over. No matter what my intentions were in 2022, 2023 now holds a breath of opportunity.

For me, I learned how to create vision boards in high school, and I have been doing them ever since. They are powerful tool that can help you visualize your dreams and bring them to life. By creating a collage of images, quotes, and affirmations that represent intentions and aspirations, you can create a visual representation of what you want to achieve. Here are the steps for creating a vision board that works:

1. Start by identifying your intentions: Before you start creating your vision board, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Take some time to think about your dreams – what do you want to accomplish in the short-term and long-term? What are your values and priorities? By identifying your dreams, you'll have a clear focus for your vision board.

2. Create a layout: Once you have your materials, it's time to start creating a layout for your vision board. On a blank piece of paper create a 3 x 3 grid label each box with one of the nine key areas below:

  1. Wealth

  2. Travel

  3. Family

  4. Career

  5. Health

  6. Lifestyle/

  7. Education

  8. Hobbies

  9. Love

Then begin to categorize each intention into one area of your life. I have created a download workbook that can help you with this focusing exercise. When completing this grid feel free to add additional information about things that would symbolize your intention.

3. Separate long term and short term intentions: Once all of your intentions have been identified you may find that you have some that are achievable in 12 months and some that you feel need several years to manifest. It is easier to see results on a vision board if the time line for manifestation is aligned. This next step is to focus on each category, what is the short term goal, what is the long term goal? Split them out. I do this on a separate sheet so I can focus on each item.

4. Create mini steps to achieve your intentions: Once you have clarity on what is achievable in the short term, now it is time to break down even further. What are small steps you can take each month to achieve this goal. Some goals wont have a step a month, and may only have a few steps to get to, and that is okay.

5. Create a yearly plan on how to achieve your intentions: Now that you have your intentions, you have all of the steps you think you need to take to get there, now it is time to bring it all together. On one single piece of paper bring all of the steps together. Plan on what you would focus on each month. Ideally you will find one or two things to focus on per week of each month. By limiting the focus on these areas you are able to

6. Gather materials: Once I have a clear idea of your intentions for the year (or next five years), it's time to start gathering materials for your vision board. When I was a teenager, this used to mean magazines, newspapers, printouts, and other items. As times have changed, I use Pinterest to find things that resonate with my dream. I save them to a board for future inspiration.

7. Choose your images and quotes carefully: The images and quotes you choose for your vision board can have a big impact on its effectiveness. Be sure to choose images and quotes that resonate with you and represent your goals and aspirations. You might also consider adding affirmations or mantras that align with your goals.

8. Make it personal: To make your vision board truly effective, it's important to make it personal and meaningful to you. This might mean adding items that have personal significance, like a ticket stub from a favorite concert or a photo of a loved one. By making your vision board personal, you'll be more likely to connect with it and feel motivated to take action.

9. Display your vision board prominently: To get the most out of your vision board, be sure to display it prominently in a place where you'll see it every day. This might be in your bedroom, office, or living room – wherever it is, make sure it's somewhere you'll see it regularly and be reminded of your goals.

10. Regularly journal about each focus area: To keep your vision board effective, it's important to review and update it regularly. To do this, I recommend taking your yearly plan in step five and focus on each area of your vision board for one week, then the following week moving onto a different vision board focus area. The download provided has a sample daily exercise of recording evidence of your vision board, and setting the intention of the evidence you want to see. The last is to be grateful for the evidence that you have a seen and anything else that you feel for grateful.

By following these tips, you can create a vision board that works and helps you achieve your goals. So why wait? Start creating your vision board today and start making your dreams a reality.

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