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Decluttering for Clarity: Making the Big Decisions Easier

Recently I was at a crossroads in my life and I had to make some tough decisions. I was stuck and resisting change. What did I want to do next in my life?

The unhappier I became the harder it was to make any decision in my life. Even the small decisions became major for me. I found myself not making a decision, which is still a decision. I started to drift in this state and became more and more frustrated with myself.

I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go. I would think of something and think ok, this is it and then think of a bunch of excuses why it wouldn’t work. It was awful.

I was unhappy and started blaming all the things around me for my unhappiness. It was too cold out, it was too hot outside, I was always losing my phone or my keys, there’s too much clutter in the house, too much clutter in the garage. Aha my moment of clarity. With that thought, a light bulb went on. I recalled hearing somewhere at one point in my life that “clutter is just unmade decisions”. Was there a correlation between me not being able to make these major decisions and clutter? Could I clear away the clutter and gain more clarity?

I believe I couldn’t make my big decisions because there were too many little decisions I hadn’t made yet. Every time I looked around I saw decisions I had yet to make. This was keeping me stuck and unable to move forward.

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of, organizing, simplifying, and removing items from your home or office you aren’t using anymore. I started going through every spot in my home. Do I need to keep this, if the answer was no I gave it away, if it was garbage I threw it out or if I wanted it I found it a spot and put it away. I was then able to start making the big decisions I needed to make in my life.

Here are some of the benefits of decluttering.

  1. Improved Productivity and clarity: Clutter can be distracting and can make it difficult to focus on tasks. It’s hard to make decisions when everywhere you look there is clutter lying around and you know it’s up to you to decide where to put it. By decluttering your workspace or home, you’ll create a space for clear decisive thinking that is conducive to productivity and can help you stay organized and on task.

  2. Better Mental Health: Clutter can be overwhelming, especially if it’s in a space where you spend a lot of time. We tend to put emotional attachments to our stuff making it difficult emotionally to part with things we have an attachment to. The reality is, decluttering can free you from this emotional baggage helping you feel more productive and motivated to take action as well as reduce stress and anxiety. By removing items that are no longer necessary you create more mental space.

  3. Increased Space: Decluttering will transform your space. Your home will feel more spacious, as it eliminates the excess items that can take up valuable space and energy. Decluttering allows you to reclaim your space, reduce stress, and creates a more efficient and organized environment to live and work in.

  4. Improved Organization: Decluttering can help you stay organized and make it easier to find things when you need them. It also creates a more aesthetically pleasing environment, which can improve your mood and overall sense of well-being. Decluttering is like any other big task, it can be overwhelming. It’s important to remember to be gentle with yourself and take it one step at a time.

  5. Positive Impact: Decluttering can help to increase your sense of accomplishment, as you are able to achieve a sense of control over your environment. Overall, decluttering can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual health. It can help you to reclaim your space and create an organized and calming environment. It can also help you to save time and money, as well as improve your productivity.

  6. Saving Money: As you declutter you may find items you previously thought were lost or had forgotten about. This can help you save money by not having to purchase these items again.

Wendy’s words for you…..It has been my pleasure to write this blog for you. It took me back to that spot of indecision I was in and made me aware of how much I have grown since that time. It’s always a good thing to reflect back on where you have been. Reflection acknowledges your have growth and the steps you have taken to get you to where you are right now.

Decluttering was big for me. It was the beginning of a transformation I am very thankful for every day. Life is a wonderful journey. I hope you can see the benefit it would have in your life. Please comment below if you enjoyed this blog.

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Brenda Barker
Brenda Barker
21 jan. 2023

this is so true…

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