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Peace Daily Meditation

The link below is to our mediation on Peace that was released this morning, please feel watch and follow our channel!

Good morning. Thank you for joining Ashlee and I on our daily manifestation mediation.

I changed that a little bit as morning manifestation mediation was a mouthful.

I am going to go now to Daily Manifestation Meditation.

We are very happy that you could join us here today and share this powerful mediation with us.

As I mentioned before we link to start our morning with a morning manifestation mediation.

To bring goodness into our life. To search where we are at and to look where we are at and bring that into our lives

Today is a different one. Today we would like to share one that is universal. Its a mediation of Peace. For us. For our Families.

So lets start by closing our eyes and taking a deep breath. Bringing the energy up from mother earth. The powerful energy of mother earth. Bring the energy down from the head and universe.

Feel that Energy

Expand our energy out to the whole earth.

Breath in that energy Up and down an all around

feel it all around

pull the energic energy from the universe

pull that energy into our being

feel the peace

There is so much peace all around you

bring the peace into us

bring into our heart and send it back out into the world

bring it into every crack and crevice of the universe

Gather up more bring it back in

Send it back out

All the peace in the world

Bring it through into our bodies

Send it everywhere in the world that needs it

To the countries

To the towns

Gather more up then send it back out.

With Joy and Happiness

Send peace out

Bring it back in, and send it out

Bring in from the universe and sent it out

Sit with that, knowing you are capable and able to send it out

To create more peace in our lives. To create more peace for others

more Peace

More Peace

Out to the world

Send out peace

Sent out Peace

Bring it back in and exhale

Lets get more from the universe and send it out.

Send to all the countries that need peace

To all the areas that need peace

Grateful to the universe for all the wonderful peace

Thank you for joining us today

It was a great way to open out our hearts today.

Thank you for joining us I really appreciate it


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