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Happiness Is Your Choice

What a difference my life would have been if many years ago I had know I could choose to be happy. My thoughts and emotions kept me so busy worrying and stuck in negativity I didn't even think I had a choice. My thoughts kept telling me I needed this to be happy or that to be happy. So, I got on the treadmill of life and kept trying to reach whatever I thought I needed to be happy.

It was certainly a gift from the Universe when I finally figured out it was up to me to be happy. I was the only one that could make me happy I just had to make the choice to be happy.

My happiness is mine to create and mine alone. How freeing is that? No more having to wait around for someone or something to create my happiness for me. I can do it, I can make me happy whenever I want.

I am forever grateful I did make the choice to be happy. It gives me a sense of control over negative reactions to my thoughts and emotions. Yes I still get sad, or mad or whatever other emotion arises in the moment, I just don't have to react so drastically or for so long. Sometimes it takes longer than other times to make the switch from negative to positive and thats ok I know my main focus is to choose to be happy.

I am very grateful I made the choice to be happy, my life gets better every day.

The good news is everyone has the power to be happy. It is up to you to make the choice so you can start improving your life today. Yes we have difficulties and we have sadness but we don't have to stay stuck in them. It can be difficult to be happy during the difficult times, remember it is up to you recognize how your attitude is affecting you and the people around you. Only you can make the change, you will be happier for it.


ing to be happy can open you up to new opportunities:

Create a healthier relationship with ourselves

Create healthier relationships with others

Live a more fulfilling

Live a meaningful life

7 Steps to choose to be happy:

  1. Happiness comes from within: The first step in choosing to be happy is to realize that happiness is an inside job. You have the ability to change how we you feeling. Taking responsibility for your own happiness is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you want to live a more happy fullfilling life it is up to you to create it. Make the decision to be happy so you can live in a more peaceful state and start to create your best life ever.

  2. Control your thoughts and emotions: It is important to realize that thoughts and emotions have been controlling you. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling. How long do you stay in negative thoughts or emotions. If you notice yourself going into negative thoughts or emotions, stop yourself and switch to the positive. A good practice is to just say "Stop I no longer think that way, I think positive now.

  3. Negative self-talk: Negative self talk is the worst and it can happen to you all day without even knowing it. I remember a few years ago I realized I was unconsciously saying "No" in my head alot. No wonder I was denying myself happiness. Negative self-talk can lead to unhappiness. Focus on positive affirmations that can help you to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

  4. Connect with positive people: Choosing happiness means to surround yourself with positive people and situations. Find like minded people, people working or themselves and trying to turn their life around. Surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you, that light you up. Like attracts like, by surrounding yourself with positive people the positivity will grow and you will increase your happiness

  5. Get Involved: Look for situations and activities that you enjoy. Check your community for different activities, hobbies, clubs, creative classes and situations that bring you more happiness and satisfaction.

  6. Practice gratitude: Practicing gratitude is a very big step when choosing to be happy. It keeps you focused on being positive. Be grateful for everything you have and also the things you don't have. The more grateful you are the more grateful you will be. Practicing gratitude can help to shift your focus away from the negative and onto the positive.

  7. Happiness is a choice: It is not reasonable to think you can be happy all of the time. You can choose to be happy and this will shorten your difficult times. Know that you have the power to choose your attitude and outlook, you can open yourself up to a life of greater joy and satisfaction.

Choosing to be happy begins your journey to living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Wendy's words for you.....It was my pleasure to write this blog for you. I want you to know that writing these blogs makes me very happy. I enjoy sharing positive thoughts and new concepts and information in the hope I can make a difference. Positive energy creates more positive energy creates more positive energy and so on and so forth.

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In Gratitude

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