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It's Spring! Do You Have A Vision Board?

I love Spring, I love watching nature come alive, the trees, the grass, the flowers. It's so uplifting and filled with hope and the promise of the upcoming lazy days of summer.

Whether it's planning your garden, your summer , vacation, a summer job or what you are planning to buy with your summer earnings. if we don't have a plan the summer can go by so fast. Many times we are left wondering where did the time go, we didn't get to do all the things we wanted to do.

What can a vision board do for you?

  1. It clarifies your goals: Creating a vision board gives you the opportunity to narrow down what you really want to create, what your desires are. Life can be full of choices, taking the time to really think about your values and passions are will help you to choose the ones that are most important to you now.

  2. Creation gives ownership: The act of creating a vision board, choosing pictures, images, meaningful words all work together to give you a sense of, ownership, these are my dreams, these are the things that matter to me, this is what I visualize. The act of choosing is a process and makes the statement 'this is important to me and this is not so important'.

  3. It's visual: Creating a vision board gives you a visual reminder of what your priorities and goals are. It stirs up the much needed motivation to stay on task.

  4. The more often you see your goals, the more likely it is to come true. Having to choose pictures and words that speak to you, gives you a crystal clear vision of what you wish to achieve in your life. It gives you a daily reminder of what your goals are, where you are at with them and where you are headed.

  5. Manifest to actualize: Your vision board a visual of what dreams you have chosen to manifest in your life. It allows you to know what what steps you can take to begin to actualize your dreams into reality.

To get the most out of your vision board, it's important to have a plan.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your vision board:

  1. Make it specific: Making your board as specific as you can will make your vision board more effective. Vague goals are just that vague, they can have many different interpretations it depends how you are feeling that day. Let's take "I want to be successful". This is very broad and vague. What does being successful mean to you? What do you want to be successful at? I want to create a successful business or an online business plan is getting more specific. Adding what type of online business would be more specific.

  2. Make it measurable: Giving it a step by step time frame will add make it measurable and give you target dates to work towards. Making your goals measurable will give you a clear target to aim towards and the ability to see where you are progressing and where you are falling behind.

  3. Update it regularly: Do a regular review to add or remove items that have changed or goals that have been completed. Life is fluid and constantly changing and so are your goals and aspirations. Check to see if there are shifts in the importance of each item, rearrange them accordingly. Keeping your vision board current, you'll be more likely to stay focused and motivated.

  4. Make it personal: To make your vision board truly effective, it's important to make it real to you, what is meaningful to you. What can you add that makes a "Me" statement. Do it in your favorite color, if you love butterflies then add butterflies, add the things that when you look at your board you say "I love that color or that butterfly". make it personal and meaningful to you. By making your vision board personal, you'll be more likely to connect with it and feel motivated to take action.

  5. Display it prominently: To get the most out of your vision board, be sure to display it prominently in a place. You want to be able to see it regularly will give you a constant reminder of what your goals are and when you hope to have them completed. Where will you see it regularly, your office, bedroom, kitchen or living room? I have made a screen saver on my computer for my vision board, that way I am reminded of what is important to me every time I turn my computer on.

  6. Daily review: To really maximize the effectiveness of your vision board create time for it each day. What time of the day would inspire you the most? First thing in the morning to set your focus for the day or maybe before you go to bed or both? I find the morning is a good time because it gives me a visual of what choices I could make that would bring me closer to accomplishing my goal.

  7. Keep motivated: To keep you focused and motivated on your goals choose a time during the week to evaluate where you are at with each goal and what else you could be working on.

  8. Celebrate your successes: Everyone loves a pat on the back, an acknowledgment of a job well done. Be sure to be your own best cheerleader and give yourself little rewards along the way.

  9. Support systems: Find a mentor or someone that supports you and has your best interest at heart. This could be a friend, a co-worker, a loved one or family member, someone you feel could support and encourage you along the way. It's great to know you are not alone, someone has your back.

  10. Share your vision: Sharing your vision board with others makes it real to you and others. It can keep you on track and is a great way to keep you accountable and motivated to complete goals on time.

Start creating your best summer now, the possibilities are endless.

Dream Big, ask "What is possible for me?" Think positive, continue to add to it as you go. Make a night of it and invite a friend to make a vision board with you, have some fun. This is your life, claim it.

Wendy's words; I hope you enjoyed this blog on creating a vision board. Remember it's always a good time to make your desires visual whether it's for a season, a year or a lifetime. The best suggestion I can give you is to just get started.

For more blogs on similar topics please go to, you will find many more positive uplifting blogs that can help you to create your best life ever.

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