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Crystal Healing - What's It All About?

Have you heard that crystals can heal? I heard about healing with crystals and my curiosity was piqued. What is it? How does it work? I began the search to answer my questions and found a local spa offering Crystal Healing Massage.

Crystal healing is a type of massage therapy that incorporates crystals of various shapes and sizes into the massage. The practitioner places the crystals on areas of the body for energy healing. This is thought to help the body to restore its equilibrium and reduce or dissolve and energy blocks that may be causing physical or emotional ailments.

The crystals are placed on each chakra area coordinating to the responding color of that chakra. We are all energy and each crystal has it's own energy. Just as each color of crystal corresponds to the color of the chakra, each crystal energy frequency is said to resonate with that chakra.

Placing the crystals on the chakra is said to help balance and open the chakras.

Here is a sample of what crystals could be used starting at the feet moving up to the head:

Base of feet - Black Tourmaline

Root Chakra- Red Jasper

Sacral Chakra- Orange Carnelian

Solar Plex - Yellow Citrine

Heart - Green Adventurine

Throat - Angelite

Third Eye - Blue Lapis Lazuli

Crown - Amethyst

Top of Head - Clear Quartz

Other crystals will match the frequency of the chakra, the tip is to pick a crystal the same color as the chakra.

7 Benefits of a Crystal Healing:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety: Crystal healing massage works to relax the body and mind give you a sense of calm and peace.

2. Boosts immunity: The energy from the crystals used during a massage can help to boost your body’s immune system

3. Balances the body’s energy flow: A crystal healing massage works to balance your body’s energy field. This helps to create a sense of balance and harmony.

4. Promotes healing: The energy of the stones used during your Crystal Healing massage can help heal your body and give you a sense of wellbeing.

5. Relieves pain: The energy from the crystals can help your relax reducing pain and discomfort.

6. Detoxifies the body: Crystal healing massage can help to detoxify your body. It helps to cleanse and purify your energy field.

7. Facilitates spiritual growth: The energy of the stones used during a crystal healing massage can help you develop spiritually and grow.

After a Crystal Healing massage always drink lots of water, this helps to flush out your body.

Ways to use crystals in your home:

There are many ways to incorporate the healing crystals into your life.

Placing crystals around your home may help to balance the energy of a room. Placed where you can see them or placed in more discrete areas.

Here is a list of crystals and how you can use them in your home:

  1. Obsidian: The black color of Obsidian is used to dispel negative energy. I put this in my home at the entrance doors.

  2. Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy. I have a large piece of Black tourmaline beside my computer and router in my office.

  3. Jade: Jade is said to bring in good luck and wealth. I put mine in the South East Corner of my home, its good Feng Shui.

  4. Citrine: Citrine is said to be good for creativity, motivation and self expression. I hang a large piece on my art easel and one by my work station where I do my blogs.

  5. Rose Quartz: This crystal resonates with the heart and love, place this one I place in bedroom.

  6. Carnelian: Carnelian stimulates energy, endurance, courage and motivation. Good to put carnelian in the gym, I have mine by my computer station motivating me to do my blogs.

  7. Selenite: Selenite helps to create a peaceful welcoming ambiance. I have my selenite in my kitchen and dining area.

  8. Ocean Jasper: Ocean Jasper represents calm, uplifting, joyful energy, bringing in kindness and happiness. Great for the living room.

Another way to benefit from the healing energies of crystals is to wear them as a necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring. You can carry them in your pocket or purse. Keep them in your car or in your desk. Another option is to place them in your pillow case or in your night stand. Many people hang them in the window or make ornaments with them I recently saw a beautiful tree of life with crystals attached to it.

It's important to note you do need to clean them. When you first bring a new crystal into your home, place it under cold running water to clean off all existing vibrations from others that have touched it. You can also rinse your new crystal in salt water. Don't wash the soft crystals, they may break apart.

I wash mine in cold running water, pat them dry and place them outside on a full moon to absorb the energy. The full moon is said to recharge them.

My Funny Story:

One of the energies of carnelian is courage. I was planning to give a difficult presentation and I thought I could benefit from the energy of carnelian. I had a nice sized oval shaped carnelian so I put it in my pocket. After my presentation I was taking a flight. I went through security and was immediately pulled over. My sister went to take my passport and was told very sternly "Don't Touch Her". Yikes what was going on. I was taken into a little room for questioning and they started talking about something solid that was detected in my abdomen. I'm thinking the worst, oh no, cancer. I finally clued in, the carnelian! I had some explaining to do. At first I think they thought I was crazy when I started to tell them my story about wanting the extra courage. Eventually I got a chuckle from the security people. One lady said "We could all use a bit of that"! Now I check my pockets before going throught security.

Wendy's words.....I hope you enjoyed this blog, it has been my pleasure to write it for you. Thank you to Irene at Butterfly of Life Spa & Wellness for the wonderfull Crystal Healing Massage. It was very relaxing and I felt very calm and peaceful afterwards I definitely will do it again.

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