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Getting Your Bars Run

I bet you are wondering what on Earth does getting your bars run mean?

Where does she come up with these things?

Lately I seem to have a knack for finding very different energy healing modalities. I considered myself very fortunate to find these new and exciting practices and I eagerly signed up for a new experience.

The concept of having my bars run or having an Access Bars Session was very intriguing to me.

I was met with a very well kept and organized spa atmosphere. The session involved my laying on the massage table with the practioner standing at the head of the table. She explained what she was going to do:

  • She would lightly touch 32 different neurological points on my head

  • She would recite a releasing message at each point

  • She would then ask me if I accepted the release

  • I was to reply Yes

  • Then she would recite a positive reprograming and move on to the next point

Sounds easy enough, I could handle this.

I found the whole experience very relaxing and wished it could have gone on for hours. As she progressed with each point I felt calmer and more connected to what was happening.

The session was an hour long and at the end I was totally relaxed and felt lighter. I felt free from any restrictions or past thoughts tugging at me. It seemed like I had let go of things I was hanging on to. I was free. There was no to do list running through my head or negative dialogue carrying on about some thing from the past or hoping for the future. I really felt nothing else mattered at the moment just me being right here right now and dealing with what was in front of me. Wonderful its's what I strive to do, live in the now. Thank You.

Some of you may be very skeptical about Access Bars, I can only say I am very thankful I decided to try it out, I will do it again if need be. I highly recommend trying it, I am confident you will have positive results from your experience.

This is what I discovered about this non-evasive energy healing modality:

  • 32 points in the head are stimulated

  • Creates a positive neurological change in the brain

  • Releases physical and mental blocks

Can have a positive effect on:

  • Behavioral patterns

  • Belief systems

  • Sleeping

  • Reducing stress and tension

  • Reducing pain and trauma

  • Releasing thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs

  • Releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Long time points of view

  • Can be life changing

Can increase:

  • gratitude

  • motivation

  • clarity and intuition

  • peace of mind

  • creativity

  • sense of connection to yourself

  • concentration

  • positive attitude

  • improved emotional stability

  • calmness and relaxation

  • happiness and joy

I have been told there is no one result, different people have different experiences.

Although a sense of relaxation and calmness is a usual result. I went into this completely open to experience whatever the experience would be. My experience far exceeded my expectations.

Wendy's words.......I would like to thank Becki at Crystal Palms Healing Sanctuary for providing me with an excellent first time experience of having my Bars Run. I felt completely at ease and comfortable through the whole process.

I do encourage my readers to sign up for an Access Bars Session it may be the life change you are looking for. The positives are there for you incorporate into your life.

For more blogs like this please subscribe to I am always on the look out to try alternative health options and experience the benefits of them.

In Gratitude

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