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Have You Tried Tuning Forks?

Have you had acupuncture with tuning forks yet? Tuning forks are used to heal the mind and the body. They are also known as a vibrational sound therapy which is a therapy based on the principle that sound has an effect on the mind and body. The use of sound therapy has been known to heal the body on a cellular level.

Tuning forks are a form of alternative medicine and they add another level of healing and balance to the practice of acupuncture. They are used to enhance the effects of acupuncture by adding a vibrational sound component to traditional needle treatments.

I have tried various types of sound therapy over the years and really find the use of tuning forks to be an excellent modality. One of the most common ways to use a tuning is to place it on the body and gently tap it creating a vibration that penetrates into the muscles. The use of tuning forks in acupuncture is based on this same principle of resonance. This is when two objects vibrating at the same frequency will transfer energy between each other. When this happens the body's natural

healing process is stimulated and a deeper relaxation and healing can begin.

Many people like me are uncomfortable with needles so the non-invasive alternative of using tuning forks in acupuncture would be a good alternative. Tuning forks are a gentler and less intimidating form of treatment then using needles. The versatility of tuning forks being portable makes it easier to use in a variety of settings.

This new and exciting therapy has been found to be a safe and effective way to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation and balance your energy flow. This allows the body to heal naturally. When used together with traditional acupuncture the vibrations from the tuning forks stimulated the needles allowing them to work more effectively.

Benefits of using tuning forks with acupuncture:

  1. Assess to pain points: When turning forks are used in acupuncture the practitioner is able to target specific points on the body. The precise vibrations of the running forks help to stimulate the acupoints, this allows the healing energy to flow throughout the body freely reaching the pain and inflammation.

  2. Clears Negative Energy: Tuning forks are used to clear the energy around you as well as within you. This can help to create greater clarity and peace.

  3. Balances Energy: Tuning forks allows energy to flow to all areas of the body by dissolving blockages and bringing the body into balance.

  4. Promotes Healing: Once the energy is balanced the body is open to heal various physical, mental or emotional issues.

  5. Improves Circulation: The vibrations of the tuning forks throughout the body helps to improve overall circulation. Improved circulation helps to decrease pain in areas of the body.

  6. Improved Relaxation: The vibration of the tuning forks creates a feeling of peace and serenity in the body and mind. This will enhance your overall state of relaxation. Reduced anxiety and stress can help to improve your quality of sleep and improve your overall mood.

  7. Improves Balance and Overall Wellbeing: The vibrational effect of tuning forks can help to reduce fatigue and tension creating a sense of balance and harmony. The calming vibrations can help to reduce stress and balance the energy pathways in your body improving your overall well-being.

If you are looking for a natural and non-invasive way to promote healing then turning forks may work for you. Be cautious when you are seeking a practitioner to perform tuning forks on you. It take training and skill to learn how to use tuning forks properly. It is important to ask to see certification prior to someone using them on you.

Wendy's words....As I have mentioned before I like to experience different types of modalities. Tuning forks seem to really work for me. If the opportunity comes up in your life to try them please do. If nothing else I am sure you will enjoy the relaxing effect of them.

Ashlee and I have recently taken the Access Bars Practitioner course, so we are now certified to "run bars" on people. If you are anyone is interested in having your bars run please email me at Ashlee has gone on to receive her Bars Facilitator certificate, meaning she is able to teach Bars and I will be receiving mine later this month.

We will be offering an Access Bars class in Blind Bay on May 26, 2023.

If you would like to know more about what this is all about please go to In short having your bars run is like a reboot to your brain, as well as being very relaxing.

In Gratitude

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