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Create Your Day

How do you create your day?

Creating your morning with a healthy routine sets the stage for you to establish a positive mindset that will benefit you throughout your day. It has the ability to increase your happiness and helps to ensure you have a successful productive day.

I enjoy my time in the morning. When I first get up I like to sit in my favorite chair and feel the sun come up, there is so much magic all around. I meditate, I journal, I look for what is possible for this brand new day.

Establishing a healthy morning routine can be difficult, it takes time and effort to perfect it. Start with making small simple steps and see what does or what doesn't work for you.

Here are eleven morning habits that I use and I find they give me a sense of overall well-being:

1. Wake up at the same time every day: A consistent sleep schedule helps to regulate your whole body. I feel fortunate I have always been an early riser. This is not so for everyone. If you are someone that doesn't do early mornings try setting your alarm clock a little earlier each morning until you have found the time that works for you and gives you extra time to yourself in the morning. This extra time is great for reducing the need to rush in the morning. Not rushing in the morning produces higher levels of positive mental health for your day ahead.

2. Meditate: Having a mindfulness practice of connecting with your breath even if it is only for a few minutes. This practice will get you grounded and connected with yourself, clearing your mind and reducing stress.

3. Do some journaling: Start your day with an attitude of gratitude journal on what you are grateful for in your life. The more you practice gratitude the more it will show up in your day, it's the law of attraction. Being grateful reduces negativity.

4. Ask yourself some questions: Set yourself up for success. What do you want your day to look like? How can you enjoy the day more today than yesterday? What is possible for today? How can you have more fun today? How can I mentor someone today? How can I set an example today? Start to think about what you can do different today that will bring about a better day for you and those around you? Create a positive energy of what you wish to have more of today.

5. Wake up your body: Move, move, move. Movement tells your body it's time to wake up. It moves out any stuck energy and energizes your body making it easier for your muscles to function throughout the day. Winter can be a difficult time to get outside in some places in North America so you may need to be creative to find simple exercises you can do inside. Stretch your body or develop a yoga routine, there are several on line, if you are new to yoga check out the chair yoga online or take a class.

Dance is also a good one, put on your favorite music and dance for 15 minutes or so, dance is a great way to get your body moving and stress reducer. The important thing is you wake up your muscles getting them working again.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast: A well balanced healthy breakfast sets your body up with the nutrients your body needs to start your day energized and ready to go. Go for foods with a balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Avoid sugary foods they burn up fast and leave you tired and wanting more sugar.

7. Drink water: Drinking a glass of water in the morning will hydrate your body after a long night sleep. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water throughout your day will keep your metabolism active and healthy. I have recently switched from drinking coffee in the morning to drinking green tea which has many positive health benefits for your health and your skin.

8. Create a to-do list: A to-do list can help prioritize your day. Where can you contribute the most today. What is top priority and how can you be most productive with your time today.

9. Create some happiness: What makes you happy? How can you bring more fun and joy into your day today? Make time for happiness, what gives you that feel good feeling? What makes you want to do your happy dance? Do something that makes you happy, going for a walk, enjoying nature, listening to your favorite music.

10. Learn something new: Increase your knowledge by listening or reading interesting and educational podcasts or blogs. There is so much information out there for your to access, learn something new today. The beauty of podcasts is you can download them and listen to them on your way to work or when you are out for a walk. When choosing a podcast or blog look for positive, upbeat, growth enhancing topics.

11. Connect with loved ones: If possible eat breakfast with your family. Let the people in your life know you care and encourage them to have a positive happy day. Give them a boost they can take into their day. Boosting others helps to give you a boost for the day too.

Remember, habits take time to form, so be patient and persistent in your efforts to create your best healthy morning routine. Be gentle with yourself and know that by incorporating healthy habits into your morning routine you are creating increased energy and focus for your whole day. Take the time to establish a routine that works for you and can help to ensure you create each day in the best possible way for you.

Wendy's words for you.....It has been my pleasure to write this blog for you, I hope you have found some helpful tips you can fit into your busy morning. Please follow us on facebook, we have an exciting season ahead. Starting October 14, 2023 we will be hosting a free 5 week Fun Creating Money series. Watch for details on how to sign up on our Facebook page Hummingbird and Owl.

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