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The Positive Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness

Performing random acts of kindness can make the world a happier place for everyone. When you choose to do a random act of kindness for yourself or others, you can experience your stress level lowering and your feel good hormones increasing. This also creates the same affect on the person receiving the kindness. This is a great way to spread some joy and brighten up someone’s day.

A simple gesture of kindness can create a difference in someone’s life if they are feeling down or isolated. Leaving positive notes for loved ones or strangers can be uplifting and bring about a positive sense of well being.

Today I will share with you a variety of ways to practice this very worthwhile gesture.

One way is to leave positive notes for strangers: You could place them in public places that are frequented by many people, such as a library, a beach or a park, or even in a public bathroom. You could write a message of encouragement on a post-it note, or just write one positive word that brings you joy.

These notes don’t need to be lengthy or complicated; they just need to be positive, joyful and uplifting. You can also leave them in places like the coat pockets of one of your family members, on the windshield of a car, even inside of a book.

I have adopted a practice of spelling the word Love using rocks I find while I am out hiking. I find a nice flat spot that is in clear view of the path. I call these my Love Rocks. Generally I use a heart shaped rock for the ‘O’. Doing this has a positive impact on my life and well being. I get great enjoyment collecting my rocks and taking the time to spell out the word Love. It is so much fun and it lifts my mood in the moment. My positive energy continues during my day as I often smile imagining the positive reaction the person finding it experiences.

I met a fellow once and his way of sending the message of love was to find rocks that looked like hearts and place them in high walking traffic areas.

These are two very inexpensive yet effective ways to brighten someone’s day and spread the love.

Social media: For the computer person a way to leave positive notes for strangers is to set up an anonymous social media account. This gives you access to a wider audience, as you can post your messages of kindness on the account and encourage others to share it with their own friends and family. You can also post the notes in a place like public bulletin boards. This allows people to find the notes when they least expect it and often when they need it most.

You can brighten the day for your friend or a family member: Write them a letter or send them cards. This can be a great way to reach those who may not have access to the internet or who don’t often leave their homes. Growing up I would regularly mail (yes we only had the post office for our mail) my grandparents a short letter just to connect with them. It allowed me to sit down and focus on them and gave me pleasure knowing they thoroughly enjoyed receiving them.

Keep it Simple: No matter how you choose to leave positive notes for people, it’s important to keep them simple and sincere. Just a few simple heartfelt words of encouragement or inspiration can go a long way. Keep the message positive, welcoming and uplifting. Leaving positive notes for strangers is a great way to show kindness to those around us and makes a positive difference in their life. It’s a simple gesture that can have a big impact and make someone’s day a little brighter. So, why not take a few moments out of your day to randomly leave a note or word of encouragement to someone. Knowing you made someone happy will increase your happiness.

Wendy’s words for you….

What a joy and pleasure it has been to share my unique way of randomly spreading the Love to strangers. Love Rocks has opened up a brand new path for me to give and receive love. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. It is my wish that you join me in adopting this practice to uplift yourself and strangers. Please comment on your thoughts, below this post. I would love to hear from you.

I believe universe is shifting towards a more compassionate and loving way of being. We can align with this belief by sending out random messages of kindness to loved ones and strangers alike.

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Brenda Barker
Brenda Barker
21. Jan. 2023

thank you for all your writings on self improvement. i find them as friendly reminders and self motivating To put them into action. I really appreciate the structured to the point format. It makes it seem less overwhelming to get started and flowing with the challenge.

Gefällt mir
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