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The Rock at Kault Hill

By Wendy Barker

So strong, majestically overlooking the beauty of our lake.

A vision that greeted me and my family over half a century ago.

A formidable unimposing presence, just being there.

People passing by, more in awe of the sparkling lake than the rock by it's side.

And than the machines came, the dynamite came.

The destruction began, so swift, so invasive so incredibly powerful.

Attacking its' strength, its' power, its' very core.

The Rock at Kault Hill deemed powerless, reduced to stones, to pebbles, to dust.

I gaze up.

What is left of The Rock at Kault Hill?

My eyes fill with tears, the strength is gone.

A piece of me is gone. Sadness has struck my heart.

Farewell to The Rock at Kault Hill.

Grateful for the years you stood there so proud, so compelling, so powerful.

A landmark gone, a loss for me, for you and for everyone after us.

A new something will be where you once were, it just won't be you.


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