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Tips for Living Your Best Life

I think if we have learnt anything from the recent world events it is to live our best life now. Each day is a gift and it is up to us to make the most of it. We all have the potential to live our best lives, although at times it seems hard to see how that is possible.

Here are 10 tips to use to start living your best life:

1) What makes you happy: Write your intentions down. I have found a very good way to say or write intentions is by using the phrase, "I choose", I choose to be happy" The words "I choose" empower me to own the intention.

Do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment. Is it painting, drawing, reading, gardening, or playing a musical instrument? Take the time to do the activities that light you up.

2) Set your intentions: Write your intentions down. I have found a good way to say or write intentions is by using the phrase, "I choose", I choose to be happy" The words "I choose" empower me to own the intention.

3) Set goals: Get clear on your goals so you are able to see the possibilities available to you and be ready for opportunities as they arise.

4) Small consistent steps: Big changes can be overwhelming. It is best to focus on taking small steps towards your goals focusing on being steady and consistent. Acknowledge and reward yourself for changes you do succeed at.

5) Foster positive supportive relationships: Surround yourself with people that lift up your vibration, people that support and inspire you on your journey. The people you associate with have a big impact on your mindset and happiness.

Seek out people that inspire you to be your best self. Be supportive and encouraging to yourself, my favorite phrase is "Be your own best cheerleader". Chances are you have cheered people along on their journey, now it's time to do this for yourself. You are worth it.

6) Practice gratitude: Be grateful for everything big or small. Be grateful for the steps you are taking and the achievements you have made. Be grateful for the air you breathe and the life you have. Bring more positivity into your life by focusing on all the things you are grateful for. Adopt an attitude of gratitude and watch your life become more positive. Create a gratitude journal to write about the things you are grateful for as well as to monitor your gratitude progress.

7) Be a risk taker: Change can be scary, feel the fear but do it anyway. Change is an excellent opportunity to experience new things and to grow. Your comfort zone has been there for you for a long time, it is time to step out of it and embrace the wonderful world of change and possibilities.

8) Let go of past negative thoughts and emotions: Practice forgiveness for yourself and others. what is in the past is in the past, do yourself a favor and leave it there. Holding onto grudges and resentment is only hurting you and preventing you from living your best life, the other person is living their life and probably doesn't even know you have it.

9) Let go of the past: Leave the past in the past where it belongs do not drag it into today. Do yourself a favor and forgive others. When you hang onto hurts and resentments from the past you are only hurting yourself. The people you are holding the grudge or resentment towards is busy living their life, they probably don't even know you are carry all that stuff. Forgiving others frees you not them.

10) It's up to you: You have the power to make the choice to live the life you want. If you need help along the way please ask for it. Seek out someone, or a book, or video a blog, or a podcast to find the help you need. Find a mentor. There is so much out there for you to access. Be open to the possibilities. Believe you can do it, know you can do it and you will do it.

Be gentle with yourself along the way, enjoy the journey. There are so many possibilities out there for you.

Words from Wendy.....Living your best life is a wonderful journey, one that I am very grateful that I finally embarked on. It took me until this last third of my life and that is okay, I got started. When I was looking at how to go about living my best life the message I kept getting was "Just get Started" I know understand that fully, getting started is the first step and all the rest will unfold along the way. It has opened my life up to so many possibilities and opportunities that I feel truly blessed. Every day I ask myself "How does it get any better than this?

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